Our Goals:

  1. To improve social, studying, research, and analytical skills

  2. Promote pet safety, the importance of pet ownership, and animal well        being

  3. Enhance Community Involvement

  4. Encourage healthy life choices( Holistic Health)

  5. Empower and develop future leaders

  6. Understand pet/canine terminology

  7. Identify dog breeds

  8. Life Skills


  1. Children with pets have higher test scores. 

  2. Pet owners have lower blood pressure. 

  3. Dog owners are more resistant to allergies. 

  4. Children with pets are more empathetic. 

  5. 89.7 million dogs live in the U.S. 1 of 3 households have at least one dog ( 325.7 million people in the U.S.) 6. There are over 340 dogs breeds (FCI- Federation Cynologique Internationale) 167 recognized by the AKC 7. There are over 1 million dog bites per year 8. 1.5 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year( 670,000 dogs/ 860, 000 cats) 59,700 Veterinarians(65 % female 35% male 93% of all veterinarians are white Only 2% are black 4% Asian the rest Hispanic or other) Pet Industry generates 50 Billion dollars per year

Shepherds Watch 501c3