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Good Day,

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Shuntae Goodjoine, Founder and President of Shepherds Watch, Greenville, SC. I’m a proud native of Greenville, SC graduated from Southside High. Studied biology at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, former veterinarian assistant, Registered Behavior Technician, Peer Support Provider Federations of Families of SC.

Shepherds Watch is a non-profit organization that focuses on at-risk youth ages 6-16 in the greater Greenville and surrounding communities of Upstate SC. With a unique approach, as part of our program, participants receive mentoring and tutoring, as well as a safe introduction to pet care, and the responsibilities of pet ownership by our qualified mentors. Providing a safe, well-structured environment our goal is to encourage higher academic achievement, social activism, personal integrity, and environmental awareness creating a plateau for success for each participant. These services provided to each selected at no charge.

Combining rescue dogs and puppies with our future leaders of tomorrow is a dual win for the community. Carefully selected animals are introduced to and cared for by eager participants of our program with precise mentoring from members of our knowledgeable staff. Safety for animal and participants, is always first, followed by hands-on education and tutelage. While building confidence our junior handlers assist in the reconditioning process of each animal, providing love, nutrition, exercise, basic training, and socialization. Each animal is fully vetted by local participating veterinarians, as our participants share in the entire experience up until the animal is ready to be adopted by other responsible pet owners that fully meet adoption requirements are directed by partnering, nonprofits. The positive results and life lasting relationships are the true rewards that we aim to achieve.

Our Mission: 

Committed to enriching the lives of future leaders through the human and animal bond!”

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